I recently watched “The True Cost” documentary on Netflix, which is all about the problems within the fashion industry supply chain. It really spoke to me and so I wanted to make a video to summarise some of the key headline facts, talk about how this all applies to us sewists, and to come up with some action points for us in the sewing community to do our little bit to help.

One of the big drivers of fast fashion seems to be the pressure that women are put under to always have new and varied outfits, particularly for special occasions – the ‘never wear the same outfit twice’ culture. Us sewists put so much time and love into our makes, that we should be proud to wear our makes again and again. So I want to start an intagram tag, where we can all post a picture of our favourite makes that we love to wear all the time, or outfits we have made that we want to pledge to wear more often. Use the hashtag #sewistswearitagain and tag your sewing friends to get everyone involved!

“The True Cost”
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Currently on UK Netflix

The Fashion Revolution
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Fashion Revolution Week 23-29th April 2018

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