Sew and Tell: Seamwork Astoria

Watch my latest video to see my Seamwork Astoria cropped sweatshirt – I love it!


Seamwork Astoria:

French Terry Fabric:

3 thoughts on “Sew and Tell: Seamwork Astoria”

  1. Great fabric choice for your beautiful coloring. You asked for opinions on why the neckline is standing up. You explained that you had added width along the center front fold to accommodate wider chest. This also added to the neckline; thus it doesn’t hug your neck as intended. Next time, try adding chest width by spreading the front bodice between neckline and shoulder point. This adds witdth without affecting the neckline. Another good trick when you have a lot of widthwise stretch is to cut the neckband just a bit smaller. When you stitch to the neckline, the band must stretch, but will snap close to the neck along the folded edge. Happy sewing!

  2. I only see one reply. Did you ever find out what a coverstitch is? And a double needle? I’m binge watching your blog because I just recently found you. You’re delightful!

    1. Hello Linda! I’m so pleased that you are enjoying my videos 🙂
      No I’m afraid I’m still none the wiser when it comes to the details of coverstitch machines and twin needles!! Hopefully the motivation I need to do my full research when I come across a project that will really benefit from twin needling!

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