How I Plan My Sewing

Give this video a watch to see how I plan my sewing makes using my trusty Bullet Journal. I also talk about the lovely PDF sewing planner by Athina Kakou, which is great if you want a template to re-print and don’t want to draw out a planner yourself. All of her links are below.

Athina Kakou:
Athina’s Shop
Ultimate Sewing Planner
Add-on pack
Demonstration video 1 
Demonstration video 2
Athina’s YouTube channel
Athina’s instagram: @athinakakou

Bullet Journal:
Bullet Journal Website
Bullet Journal Notebook

More of me:
YouTube Channel:
Instagram: @lizzieb262

My recent videos:
My Make Nine 2018 & Re-sew-lutions #2018makenine
Little Red Dress Project Reveal
My Sewing Christmas Presents!

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