One Skirt Three Ways

We live in a throw away society and I think this is particularly evident when looking at the fashion industry. I am definitely a culprit of being really excited about a new piece of clothing but then falling into a rut of wearing it within exactly the same outfit time and time again, and sure enough I am bored of it after a couple of months. The thing is, I am being completely lazy. 

The truth of the matter is that I could create many different and varied outfits from that one new exciting piece. This takes more time, effort and creativity but would allow me to get sooooo much more wear out of my clothes and maintain that “new clothes excitement” for so much longer. If I’m really honest with myself there must be tonnes of “never worn combinations” in my wardrobe that I haven’t thought of before.

So, I have resolved to make a lot more effort to mix up my wardrobe and wear new combinations I hadn’t put together before. I made a video on my YouTube Channel, below about styling a skirt I sewed myself (see this post) in three different ways. The outfits aren’t yet wildly different from one another but it is a great start for being a bit more imaginative and making my clothes go further!

Look One – Evening/Dressy



Look Two – Casual



Look Three – Day Time


I hope you enjoyed my video and the photos and that this post inspires you to be a bit more creative with your clothes too!




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