Mrs Christmas Dress

My work Christmas party this year is Christmas themed fancy dress. I love fancy dress (as long as the costume isn’t too difficult to put together!!) but I was a little concerned about where to pitch this one as I only started my new job a couple of months ago – should I go silly or serious? Play it cool or go all out? I hope that I have ended up somewhere in the middle???

This is an alteration rather than a proper make as sadly I didn’t have enough time to make a dress from scratch. The dress is from Boohoo and I love how the fitted waist contrast with the billowing circle skirt. I bought white feather trim from Amazon that I stitched along the bottom of the skirt and along the off the shoulder neckline. I’ve added a nett petit coat for extra volume and I absolutely LOVE the overall effect. It feels like a Christmas disney princess dress!!





img_1904  img_1873

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