Love at First Stitch: Megan Dress with a ruffle!



Fit adjustments:

  • I added 8cm to the bodice and lengthened the bust dart tucks accordingly
  • I took 18.5cm off the length


  • I cut the 18.5cm wide strip that I chopped off the length into two 9.25cm wide strips, sewed the two strips together at the short ends and used three rows of gather stitches to gather and create my ruffle to sew onto the hem!

What I would do differently next time:

  • work out how to adjust shoulders for my very non-sloping shoulders
  • sew the bodice to the skirt before sewing the darts so that I can better adjust the fit with the darts

Scroll to see a few photos and my YouTube video chatting about this make 🙂 


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