I made my own pencil skirt!


I have done little bits and pieces of sewing since I was a child. My nanny kitted me out with the most amazing, fully equipped sewing box, overflowing with bits and bobs that I would need, including some pretty fantastic pink sparkly thread. I never progressed further than cushion covers, with zips being a recent development.

I struggle to buy clothes that fit properly in high-street shops – particularly smart styles for my bottom half. Whether you are small or large, short or tall, we can all relate to the problem of completely erratic sizing, coupled with the fact that pretty much no-one is a standard size. So I have decided that I want to learn to make my own clothes.

This weekend I went to sew over it and did their ultimate pencil skirt class. I had done a shift dress class in February at a different sewing school but other than that I had very little experience. The class was fast paced but as long you have used a sewing machine before you would be fine. The best part of the class was that the teacher not only fitted the skirt perfectly to us, but taught us how to measure the alterations and mark them on our patterns. This means that next time I can cut and sew the skirt to fit me perfectly first time around!

I thought about doing a standard black skirt for work, but I decided that this was my chance to have some fun! I found a bold, patterned fabric in the Sew Over It haberdashery and decided it would be super versatile as I can match lots of tops to the many colours in the skirt.

I am SO pleased with the result and will definitely be on the hunt for more fabrics to make this skirt in. Have a look at the photos below and let me know what you think!

Lizzie X







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