DIY: How to make Tea Cup Candles

I have been DIY gifting for my friends and I thought I’d share how I made these adorable tea cup candles. I say “tea cup candles” but I actually found it quite hard to find tea cups in my local charity shops and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on postage from multiple ebay/etsy purchases, so I ended up with a whole mixture of ceramic candles! Check out my YouTube video by clicking here or scrolling to the bottom of this post to see all the action.


  • Tea cups, ceramic dishes or bowels, glass jars etc – I bought mine from charity shops and one from ebay. The cheapest one was £2.99 and the most expensive was an Anthropologie one that was probably pretty pricey first hand but I found it in a charity shop for £7!
  • Soy wax – I used this one from Amazon – £7.44 for 1kg.
  • Wicks – I used this kit from Amazon – £5.99 for 100 x 20 cm long wicks, 100 x sticky taps and a wick stand.
  • Chop sticks – I used left over takeaway chopstick from itsu but you could use anything!
  • Clothes pegs – from your washing line!



1. Clean the tea cups

Clean, empty ceramics ready to be Candle-ised!

2.Stick the wicks to the bottom of the tea cup

Wicks stuck to the bottom (the pelican dish was wide enough to need three wicks in the end).

3.Melt the wax

Melt it on the hob as if it were chocolate for baking. Add essential oils to create a scent.

4.Construct wick scaffolding

“Scaffolding” constructed from chop sticks and clothes pegs to keep the wick up right as the wax melts.

5.Pour the wax

Wax poured into the tea cup using a plastic jug.

6.Wait for it to set

Let the wax set.

7.Trim the wicks

8.Clean up!

Et voila! Adorable home made candles ready to be gifted (or kept all for yourself 😉 ).



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